February 28, 2024


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YOU: Maurizio Cattelan’s Scultpture is Dead


Maurizio Cattelan (Padua, Italy, 1960) is perfectly regarded for his significant, irreverent and virtually absurd sculptures and installations. His new job appears to be a most a metaphor of his own operate than a critic of the roles in power.

Cattelan is 1 of the most common artists of the 21st Century to the stage that he is ready to develop whatsoever he wants. Do not forget about the controversial Banana he built for Artwork Basel in 2019, which was valued in $120,000. The artist acceptance came with with humorous and essential sculptures and installations versus matters all-around politicis, religion, power, and art alone, which at the time ended up regarded actually masterpieces of present-day art. But as takes place with all people, there is a point in the creative daily life of an artist in which the perform she / he established are as ambiguous as absurds: no just one know if they are a joke or an artwork failure.

His new sculpture YOU, in check out from March 28 to June 26 at Massimo de Carlo in Milan, is an sculpture of himself hanging from the bathroom’s roof of the gallery.

In the official press realease you can red:

“YOU is a hallucination, a simultaneous impression of command and failure. A generous welcoming gesture or a unfortunate and inevitable farewell, YOU explores the purpose of the specific in the collective realm: an admission of surrender, or maybe an affirmation of kindness. This new intervention by Maurizio Cattelan affirms the dying of excellent powers, while infusing a new strength in the strength of the individual. In spite of hoping to develop a length between the do the job and the viewer, Maurizio Cattelan’s YOU is absolutely all about us.”

According with the gallery, this new set up that is sourrounded by the high-class atmosphere of the marble, “A generous welcoming gesture or a unhappy and inescapable farewell, YOU explores the part of the personal in the collective realm: an admission of surrender, or perhaps an affirmation of kindness. The set up affirms the death of fantastic powers, though infusing a new electrical power in the power of the particular person. Irrespective of making an attempt to create a distance amongst the do the job and the viewer, Maurizio Cattelan’s YOU is unquestionably all about us”.

What kind of surrender can an artist like Cattelan accomplish? To what or to whom does his operate have to surrender? Even though the sculpture is stunning, it could also be an oportunity to question if Cattelan’s get the job done is continue to alive.


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