June 6, 2023


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View Male Pole Dancer Split Stereotypes On ‘Sweden’s Obtained Talent’

By working day, Slava Ruza is a banker, but by night time, he is 1 of the world’s greatest pole dancers. He competed on Sweden’s Got Talent wholly breaking stereotypes about all pole dancers and slayed his program. Check out one particular of his most unforgettable performances down below.

Slava Ruza Showed Insane Pole Dancing Expertise On ‘Sweden’s Acquired Talent’

Slava is at first from Latvia and has been dancing for around a ten years and taken on all various variations. He even executed at the Eurovision Music Contest and on tour with quite a few famous artists. Eventually, Slava found out pole dancing in 2013 and it turned a large portion of his lifetime. Following extreme schooling, he took his pole dancing skills abroad. He came to Sweden’s Obtained Expertise to show folks the art of pole dancing in an progressive way.

Following soaring by way of the audition round, Slava needed to do an even extra dramatic regimen for the Semi-Finals. Illuminated less than a blue highlight, Slava pretty much looked like he was swimming in this breathtaking routine. The amount of command he demonstrated was unmatched. He acquired a standing ovation from all four judges and they all agreed that he was “fantastic.”


“It feels like I’m essentially opening a wider door to a more recent audience,” he said just before his next functionality after building it to the Finals. He was particularly correct. He wanted to demonstrate that pole dance could be athletic and inventive. Slava danced about a phase illuminated by fireplace and ended up being a single of the prime 8 finalists of the season. Singer Micke Holm actually ended up winning period 9 of Sweden’s Received Expertise.

If you are entirely brain blown by Slava’s techniques on Sweden’s Received Expertise, test out some other amazing pole dancers in our compilation beneath. He is just 1 of quite a few that have broken stereotypes and proved that pole dancing is an artwork variety that requires a ton of athleticism and strength.

The place Is He Now?

Right after wrapping Sweden’s Received Expertise in 2019, Slava spoke about the encounter on Instagram. “Thank you every person who supported me by this journey and to all the men and women who gave their votes for me,” he wrote. “My final routine was pretty strange for me and I went by means of some real surviving times but even so it is a deserving everyday living practical experience.”

Slava performed at the ExoticMoon competition this year in Turin, Italy. “Performance this yr is a luxury!” he shared with his followers. “I come to feel more than privileged to come to feel the stage these nuts occasions.”


He carries on to put up videos of some of his most mesmerizing moves and methods that you could very easily sit and observe for several hours on stop. It is apparent Slava isn’t frightened to force boundaries and test new things.



Would you like to see a lot more pole dancers on ‘Got Talent’ exhibits as it has turn into broadly recognized as an artwork form?