September 25, 2023


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Ukrainian students hold graduation dance in front of the ruins of their school destroyed by Russian strikes


Ukrainian students dance in front of their school.

Ukrainian students dance in entrance of the stays of their college.Ukrainian Foreign Ministry / Suspilne / Twitter

  • Ukraine’s international ministry shared a video of learners accomplishing a “prom waltz” in the course of the war.

  • The dance took area on a basketball court in front of a bombed-out college in Kharkiv.

  • Russian troops beforehand used the university as an outpost, Ukraine’s international ministry claimed.

With a backdrop of shattered home windows and scorched walls, a handful of Ukrainian students stood in front of the rubble of their faculty — and danced.

In a 45-next-very long movie taken by Ukraine’s community broadcaster and posted to Twitter on Monday by Ukraine’s overseas ministry, learners could be seen executing “their promenade waltz” in entrance of their bombed-out faculty in the country’s second-largest metropolis Kharkiv.

The college students could be seen in the video doing a coordinated dance to a sluggish tune. Guiding them, a Ukrainian armed service automobile sits following to a assortment of troops.

Onlookers standing on the court could be viewed using their telephones to movie and take pictures right before the footage cuts to a shut-up watch of the demolished college. 


The school was destroyed just days after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February and later became an “outpost” for Russian troops, the overseas ministry said in its tweet.

“These days, #Ukrainian alumni in #Kharkiv must happily celebrate their prom. Rather, they danced a graduation dance in the courtyard of their university, which was wrecked by the #russian MLRS,” Inna Sovsun, a member of Ukraine’s parliament and the country’s previous deputy education and learning minister, stated in a tweet.

During Russia’s 14-7 days-extensive war against Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin’s forces have routinely targeted schools — among the other civilian regions like hospitals and shelters — across the region.

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