December 7, 2023


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NJ art collector’s tale of finding priceless Picasso work at local estate sale


NEW YORK — Visualize this: A priceless Picasso work, its existence a solution shared by several, resurfaces a 50 %-century later. At an estate sale in suburban New Jersey. Tucked within a body, and concealed driving yet another operate of artwork.

Art collector Keith Coppola states the real truth is beyond anyone’s imagination — and insists he’s not tilting at windmills with his tale of finding the extensive-unseen Picasso depicting Don Quixote and sidekick Sancho Panza when acquiring $75 well worth of artwork in the Garden Point out.

The do the job, dated Feb. 11, 1955, and delivered to the land of Springsteen only months afterwards, is the true deal, confirmed by decades of digging and authenticated by a cadre of environment-renowned authorities, according to Coppola.

He’s invested a lot more than a dozen many years making an attempt to persuade the Picasso estate of the masterpiece’s existence, a quest that provides to mind a common character of fiction.

“The full issue is like most people has stated to me, ‘You’re Don Quixote! You’ve come to be him,’” acknowledges Coppola. “Nobody thinks you, it’s so much fetched that you almost do not want to feel me. But then once more, I have bought so a great deal evidence that you have obtained to think me if you definitely appear at it.”

The ink brush function of the two characters conjured by writer Miguel de Cervantes in the early 17th century was made perfectly in advance of Picasso’s academically acknowledged 2nd incarnation, he mentioned. That edition, signed by the artist on Aug. 10, 1955, stays stored inside of a basement vault at France’s St. Denis Church.

The function was showcased in the French weekly journal Les Lettres Francaises to rejoice the 350th anniversary of component a single of of Cervantes’ epic novel “Don Quixote,” launched in 1605.

But Coppola can spend hours recounting the minutia of his February artwork and its a number of contrasts with the later piece: Its subtle incorporation of the constellations in homage to Picasso’s late spouse, a concealed phallic symbol, the open mouth of the ass belonging to Sancho — and even its sizing: 62 inches by 48 inches, compared to 65 by 50 in the edition regarded to the globe.

Coppola, 55, a previous Jersey guy now in South Carolina, notes the February date on his operate coincides with the loss of life of Picasso’s wife of 37 decades and longtime muse, ballerina Olga Khokhlova — a pivotal connection to the reality.

“She was Picasso’s goddess, a religious inspiration,” he mentioned, ”and now she is denied her existence in the ability that he memorialized her. With no Olga, there would be no Don Quixote.”

He also cites a diary of Picasso pal Peter Smith with a December 1955 entry specifically noting “Arthur and Margarita have gone back to NJ with a don Quixote P has provided them. Pretty substantial.”

The reference is to Arthur Getz and Margarita Gibbons, two friends of the artist.

Smith, in an previously entry, also designed reference to the previously Picasso get the job done on March 17, 1955. And considering that the other Don Quixote was unquestionably designed seven months later, Coppola claimed, the real truth of his operate is extremely hard to deny.

Professionals at the renowned Sotheby’s auction household declined to weigh in, citing a “no comment” coverage on unverified will work. An e mail to equally properly-known Christie’s auction residence about the piece went unanswered.

And the Picasso Succession, in an electronic mail from the Paris headquarters where by it oversees the artist’s estate, prompt Coppola simply unearthed “a reproduction of the drawing created by a Communist Association in the 1960s” based on his initial 2010 appeal to the team.

“The Succession states that the get the job done might be a Les Letters Francaises copy, which is unquestionably an error on their portion,” responded Coppola. “Additionally the do the job performed for the Communist Party is the August Don Quixote, not my operate.”

The estate unsuccessful to point out a 2nd submission from Coppola 4 years afterwards with extra evidence, and an in-person attempt for verification that produced no resolution in 2015. A scheduled 2020 dwell assembly was canceled by COVID-19, and Coppola’s still ready for a different probability at showing his piece to the Picasso gate-keepers.

Coppola, in addition to his very own art authorities, hired experts in forgeries, paper, ink, canvas and even the artist’s signature to look at the piece, with all echoing his summary. A Christie’s skilled when examined the earlier Don Quixote, stopping just small of a stamp of acceptance but clearly swayed, he recalled.

“It’s a masterpiece,” Coppola insists. “And 1 that’s magical further than perception.”

The veteran artwork collector, who just about misplaced the one-of-a-type perform in an apartment hearth ahead of acknowledging its price, designs to launch a series of NFTs linked to his “Don Quixote” in an work to both equally permit individuals make your mind up for by themselves — and to goad the Picasso estate into getting an additional glimpse.

“We want to set it in the court of general public feeling, mainly because we have so substantially evidence,” he said. “We really feel that instead of heading back again and forth with the Picassos, we’ll allow any individual who has an belief — they can combat it out.”



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