December 7, 2023


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New Album Out! Blew Velvet – Touch Me


Blew Velvet´s second album is out, along with news that the artist is executing at Whole Festival in August 2022! The perform of musician and functionality artist Blew Velvet has bridged the worlds of sound style, dance, costuming, and visual media given that 2012. Born in central California, and elevated in gulf-coast Florida, they have expended most of their daily life as an itinerant and formidable entertainer with a penchant for installation and creating do the job that outlasts their momentary environments. 

This is my very first time coming back to Europe to carry out considering that lockdown I had a massive global Do-it-yourself tour in location and all set to go the winter season just before COVID-19 shut issues down. Not being ready to tour my past album and challenge was quite disheartening and to be in a position to accomplish at Entire Competition after all over again is a beautiful whole turn.

Complete United Queer Festival:

From 26 to 28 of august. – FERROPOLIS, Town of Iron


“We are not Full without the need of the collaborative character instilled in just about every collective. Combining previous good friends with new, from every single corner of Berlin & throughout the globe, we are fired up to existing the collectives for 2022.”


On July 15th Blew Velvet unveiled their second assortment of tunes, an album titled Touch Me.

Blew Velvet is a producer and composer whose work has lived within the fruitful entire world of queer Diy since their premiere challenge SSTR debuted in 2014. With a vocation which includes set up, audio structure, experimental composition, and video artwork Velvet broke away from the underground in 2018 with their initial album Frankie, released eponymously as Blew Velvet.

Subsequent the just about two-year hiatus that the entire world shared collectively, the Touch Me EP is an psychological recounting of grief, enjoy, recognition of your psychological money owed, and a poetic arrangement of a person’s therapeutic portrayal of the psychological route that is walked when confronting the deeper elements of oneself, the elements that advise your steps, decisions, angle, and mechanisms for progress.

The album is a ten-track enterprise into retrospection and redesigning pasts to accommodate the present.

Opening with “Con Le Trombe”, the initial music is a triumphant instrumental, harkening to some new period where by Velvet sees the natural beauty in the dense route ahead of them. The arrangement of horns, dictated by a metallic slamming conquer, the whizzing of equipment, industrial rhythms and a warbling synth introduces the musical score to this job.

The future two tunes, “A Mountain On Me” & “Touch Me” are two acquainted singles from the inception of the album. Written with yearning and wish on the forefront, these tracks are a previous-and-present depiction of another person reconciling the effects of isolation.

The mood shifts with the fourth keep track of, “Catene”. A term this means “Chains”, an instrumental synth piece anchored in a large deep whirring synth development beneath a melancholic bass. Granular synths present a deconstruction of an ambient flute area, sweeping between beats. The tune portrays a shackle as very well as independence. A turning stage in an album that marks the selection to improve and go forward.

Outside of that turning position are two additional previously released singles, “It’s Not Enough” & “I’d Improved Be Likely Now.”. Equally of these tunes have answered the dilemma of why? that the initially 50 % of the album queried. Knowledge your own requirements and beginning to comprehend the wants of others. A intricate lesson to study when caught in the psychedelic maelstrom of grief.

The album’s principal section completes with a ultimate track, a dirge of types, titled “Ma Ballerò”. This music is a recitation, incantation, a solemn goodbye to the album’s concept to the self:

Ma ballerò…

Torna quando
Avrò sudato i pensieri di te

The phrases translate from Italian to “I’ll dance… forget… arrive again to it when I’ve sweated out the feelings of you”

With that, the album moves into remixes of 3 of the singles. Whitney Weiss translated “Touch Me” into a spell, a dance incantation, a pulsing dance keep track of developed to permeate you as you go.

Odd Oswald experiments with time signature and the darker side of a vocal remix in his model of “It’s Not Enough”, making a chaotic dub that disturbs and entices.

Velvet took to reworking “A Mountain On Me” for what they get in touch with “A Velvet Retouch”, centered on the artist’s particular label Velvet Contact Records, a loving, warmer, longer, chiller edition of the first single from the album.

10 tracks
Published, developed and composed by Blew Velvet @blewvy
Mixing engineer and vocal preparations by Danny Keith Taylor @houseundermagic
Mastering by Rebecca Huston @rh_mastering
Mixing on “Con La Trombe”, “Catene”, and “A Velvet Retouch” by Maxime Robi @_enjoy__letters_
Together with two remixes by Whitney Weiss @djww & Odd Oswald @odd_oswald
Deal with artwork and animation by San Joserra @sanjoserra
Distributed by AWAL (less than Sony New music) @awal


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