November 29, 2023


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Mungo Thomson “Time Life” at Karma, New York


Karma is pleased to current “Time Everyday living,” a solo exhibition of 7 small films by Mungo Thomson. This is Thomson’s to start with exhibition with the gallery.

Mungo Thomson is a multidisciplinary artist whose work techniques materials cul- ture by a lens of deep time and cosmic scale. In “Time Everyday living,” Thomson debuts a system of work that has occupied the artist for nearly a 10 years: a sequence of stop- motion animations that use reference encyclopedias, image publications, how-to guides and creation manuals as their raw material.

The challenge imagines these publications remaining scanned by a high-velocity robotic book scanner, the form applied by universities and tech firms to archive libraries, and proposes such a machine as a new form of filmmaking equipment: a machine earning flip-guide-like animations, spitting out shorter anthropological essays though digitizing guides for the Internet.

Offered as distinct chapters, Thomson’s films choose as their topics a huge array of human activity, from cooking to workout to gardening to art. Highly choreo- graphed, their thousands of visuals are displayed at a large frame price, just more quickly than the mind can procedure: meals is ready folks extend, run, dance and do yoga flowers wheel and enlarge sculptures revolve fingers tie ornamental knots printed color guides pulse in and out. Analog publications are reconsidered in the context of contemporary systems. Thomson paperwork the passage of these files into their electronic afterlife.

Thomson exploits the dualities of the electronic and the analog, the movie and the ebook, and the automated and the handmade, binding them with each other. He exposes the moment of digitization as a second of transformation, in which details is subli- mated into a new mode, like a stable getting to be a fuel. This second is frozen, opened up and zoomed in on, and is discovered as an entry stage into a startling and profound discussion about heritage, cultural content, technologies and perception.

“Time Life” options soundtracks by Andrea Centazzo and Pierre Favre, Laurie Spie- gel, Sven-Åke Johansson, Lee Ranaldo, Ernst Karel, Pauline Oliveros and Adrian Garcia.

At Karma, New York
until eventually April 16, 2022


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