February 23, 2024


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MAKING A MARK: Just a few problems


My apologies. I am possessing a number of issues right now with my continuing recovery from surgical procedures. That’s why the blogging hiatus.

For the previous 7 days or so (weeks 11 and 12 article surgical procedure) I have been generating a determined work to walk utilizing my crutches – even though partly body weight bearing (up to 50% of my excess weight) on my right ankle – which is (with any luck ,) now fused! I am owning an x-Ray following tuesday to uncover out if I’ve developed the bone….

Nonetheless strolling is a lot easier stated than finished.

What is actually occurring is I’m mobilising on my feet making use of my forearm crutches (due to the fact I also have to have a shoulder substitute!) and it is really challenging. 

  • I am working with muscle groups in my reduce back I have not utilised a lot for months and weeks. (I’m now in the 12th week submit surgical procedures. )
  • As a consequence, my back again is screaming with suffering!
  • My reduce back is also amazingly stiff as properly as excruciatingly distressing – which is quite distracting in relation to all the things I am carrying out – by no means brain strolling.

So I’m not accomplishing a great deal further than seeking to uncover a resolution for the trouble – regardless of whether it is really medicine, seeking to get a physio appointment, sacroiliac stretches, new shoes which will assistance me stroll or an indoor rollator to swap the crutches! 

Base line, I am not significantly fun ideal now – and am not really good at blogging.
That’s why the significant gaps in between weblog posts.

My sensible forearm crutches after a “walk”
– with my walker boot undone to clearly show the quite a few levels required for me to
not working experience my significant allergic response to the liner
and prevent my foot sliding all-around inside of the boot
I have 5 socks on!

Today I’ve switched to an indoor rollator to see if that operates better. Initial indications are that it hurts my back again less – but the acid test will come when I test to get out of bed tomorrow morning!

PS The fantastic news is that my foot when “rolled” throughout the floor in my walker boot is not agonizing. A several twinges – but I am hopeful the walker boot comes off upcoming Tuesday and I can change to comprehensive pounds bearing – in ordinary (for me) sneakers i.e. my Brooks Beast trainers which are incredibly stable!


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