February 24, 2024


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Luke Combs Is The Only State Artist To Attain No. 1 On Apple Music’s US Albums Chart Two times [Exclusive] :

Luke Combs. Picture courtesy UMPG

Luke Combs has built historical past but once more with his existing album launch, as the only state artist in Apple Music history to reach No. 1 on Apple Music’s US Albums chart twice.

In November 2019, Combs to start with hit the chart pinnacle with What You See Is What You Get. Right now, he arrived at the chart pinnacle a second time with his deluxe version of the album, What You See Ain’t Generally What You Get, which extends the past job with five new tracks.

In excess of the earlier 12 months, Combs has acquired the most streams on Apple Music of any region artist, and his full stream rely in excess of the earlier 12 months is 62% bigger than the subsequent most important region artist.

In addition to reaching No. 1 on the album chart, all five of his new tunes have entered the Leading 100 music, with “Forever Immediately after All” reaching No. 1.  Combs’s five new music also occupy five of the top six music on the iTunes Tracks chart led by “Forever After All” at No. 1. With a few of the music from the authentic album also in the Prime 100 appropriate now, Combs presently has eight tunes in the Top 100 on the Apple Tunes Music chart.

“Luke Combs is the fantastic illustration of an artist who has definitely embraced streaming in a way that both of those super serves his really loyal supporters and opens his music up for discovery to new supporters all about the entire world,” claims Apple Music’s Jay Liepis. “He’s climbing charts and breaking records all more than Apple Songs and it’s actually amazing and remarkable to watch his success.

In addition to his history-breaking audio, Combs has ongoing connecting with lovers by using his recently-introduced Bootleggers Radio on the Apple New music State live-streaming radio station.