November 29, 2023


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“LE 3 ECOLOGIE” at MACTE — Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli


MACTE Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli presents “LE 3 ECOLOGIE”, a reflection on ecology expressed by the functions of 11 artists from distinctive backgrounds and the very first exhibition curated by the Director Caterina Riva.

In the areas of the museum, the installations, films, drawings and photographs of Matilde Cassani, Piero Gilardi, Karrabing Film Collective, Len Lye, Jumana Manna, Jonatah Manno, Silvia Mariotti, Francis Offman, Francesco Simeti, Nicola Toffolini and Micha Zweifel bring the general public nearer to distant sites, presenting visions that belong to previous, existing and upcoming struggles for survival. With their performs, the invited artists draw eccentric maps from the Mediterranean to the Pacific and the Arctic, outlining hybrid environmental contexts that promote our perception.

From New Zealand, Len Lye&#8217s Tusalava, an animation manufactured in 1929, which traces the beginnings of everyday living from mobile to sophisticated organisms as if in a dance. Whutarr, Saltwater Dreams, a video clip made by Karrabing Film Collective, normally takes us to Australia&#8217s Northern Territories exactly where Indigenous communities reaffirm their symbiotic connection with character. The Swiss artist Micha Zweifel&#8217s carved plaster panels that make up Calendar mark a time of get the job done and guide abilities, when the sculpture Ipogea by Piero Gilardi, a precursor of ecological troubles, takes us into a cave exactly where a river flows. Nicola Toffolini&#8217s speculative-naturalistic drawings dialogue with Francesco Simeti&#8217s artist&#8217s wallpaper, which delivers shrubs from the art historical past to the floor. There is also Francis Offman&#8217s multilayered portray, which creates abstract collages with reused products that carry traces of migrations, Jonatah Manno&#8217s cyanotypes and sculptures encouraged by discarded seascapes, and Silvia Mariotti&#8217s photographic series Boutade, born in a pandemic when the artist developed new photos from her archive, not able to move from dwelling. Wild Relatives, a documentary built by Jumana Manna, follows an agricultural seed from Syria to Norway, crossing climatic and survival worries joined to consistently altering socio-financial circumstances. Matilde Cassani intervenes on the modulation of organic light-weight that penetrates unique areas in the Termoli museum.

The title of the exhibition usually takes up the 1989 essay by the French thinker Felix Guattari, who outlines 3 ecologies: environmental, social and mental.

“LE 3 ECOLOGIE” develops in all the rooms of the museum and in relation to is effective picked out from the long-lasting collection of the Premio Termoli, shaping a metaphorical itinerary with the spectator: the museum turns into an organism in which people, resources and strategies coexist. In an evocative journey by way of hybrid, dreamed, contaminated environments, this exhibition gives area to operates and analysis that offer with locations on both an aesthetic and social amount, and that decrease the marriage concerning character and society centered on distinct geographical coordinates.

Taking part artists: Matilde Cassani, Piero Gilardi, Karrabing Movie Collective, Len Lye, Jumana Manna, Jonatah Manno, Silvia Mariotti, Francis Offman, Francesco Simeti, Nicola Toffolini, Micha Zweifel.

Curated by Caterina Riva.

At MACTE — Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli
right up until May perhaps 15, 2022


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