February 24, 2024


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I´m not that rich – KALTBLUT Magazine


A KALTBLUT special. Images by Thomas Camarero. The product is Theo Comelli signed at Bananas Designs. Vogue film directed by Alba Camarero. Styling by Charlie Daudré-Vignier making use of Carbone 14, Gregory Assad, Hermès, Burberry Classic, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivetta, Calvin Klein, Hellene Helene, Gucci.

Thomas Camarero is a young Spanish photographer primarily based in Paris. His major objective is to concern gender and social inequalities by means of his do the job in the vogue sector.


This editorial is about opulence and obsession with the impression that we want to give to other people in the context of a consumerist and hierarchical culture. In some cases we are prisoners of a method in which accomplishment is mixed with product goods/possessions. Socially, a particular person who strives to make dollars and live luxuriously is more rewarded than a human being who invests the very same effort in non-rewarding functions this sort of as psychological wellbeing or psychological nicely-staying. I’m not that abundant can take to the intense the cliché of a subject who obsessively invests his time and funds in his very own picture to execute a sort of luxurious much from the reality of his every day existence and that is out of his arrive at.

Photographer and resourceful course: Thomas Camarero / Instagram: @thom_and_folks
Generation and Video Director: Alba Camarero / Instagram: @alba_folka
DOP: Heol Denieul / Instagram: @heol_denieul
Electrician: Maëlle Le Saux / Instagram : @maelle.lsx
Model is Theo Comelli signed at Bananas Designs / Instagram: @theophile.cmli / @bananasmodels
Stylist: Charlie Daudré-Vignier / Instagram: @carbone14_upcycling
Stylist Assistant: Simon Liber / Instagram : @smnlbr
Audio: dizz.117 / Instagram : @dizz.117
Exclusive thanks to RVZ Locale/ @rvzparis / Valentina Salgado / @valesalgadoc, and Bananas Models / @bananasmodels

Manner Models used are Carbone 14, Gregory Assad, Hermès, Burberry Vintage, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivetta, Calvin klein, Hellene Helene, Gucci

Instagram names of each and every brand name: @carbone14_upcycling, @gregoryassadofficial, @hermes, @burberry, @vivetta, @calvinklein, @hellene_helene, @gucci


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