September 25, 2023


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How the Music Industry in the Middle East Is Growing

Music industry's fastest-growing global market is Middle East and North  Africa, according to new report - News - Mixmag MENA

MDLBEAST organized the first Soundstorm in 2019. It gave the youth of Saudi a taste of freedom, the freedom of artistic expression. In 2020 the organization launched its very own record and production label. MDLBEAST Records gave way to several unseen talents from around the region. According to IFPI reports, the music industries in the Middle East and Africa have witnessed the highest growth in 2021. The industry in these regions grew by 35%. And a majority of the revenue was from music streaming.

MDLBEAST is a crucial addition to the business community in the region. It has significantly impacted ‘Vision 2030’ of Saudi Arabia. As the region is trying to shift the economic focus from oil, the company created various opportunities for growth in music and performance arts. 

3 Ways MDLBEAST has Impacted the Middle Eastern Music Scene

  • Artistic confidence

Middle Eastern music is soulful and electrifying. The music scene has been thriving for the last two decades. But due to the ban on any public musical or entertainment show, the artists were confined behind closed doors. However, with the establishment of the General Entertainment Authority and abolishing the ban, artistic confidence in this industry has increased. After the massive success of Soundstorm 2021, 84% of Middle Eastern artists now believe there are opportunities to grow here. 

  • Cultural shift

The last decade is witnessing a major cultural shift in the Middle East and globally. Soundstorm and other brands and initiatives of MDLBEAST acted like catalysts to shift in the Kingdom. Not only are they organizing the most exhilarating concerts, but they are also discovering unique and raw talents. The organization has created a space on the world stage for Saudi Arabia and its talented artists. People are more willing and able to experiment with new expressions of art, performance, and life. 

  • Empowering the youthXP Music Futures

Soundstorm is no doubt one of the biggest success factors for MDLBEAST. But the contribution of XP Music Futures is unmatched when it comes to building the music industry block by block. XP is targeted toward all who are interested in creating and shaping their exciting futures and careers in the Middle Easter music industry. It does not limit itself to musicians and performers. It provides brainstorming sessions, training workshops, and discussions for entrepreneurs, policymakers, etc. 

In Summation

The contribution of MDLBEAST to the evolution of the Middle Easter music industry is significant and multilayered. Not only has it helped the youth to shed their layers and express their true selves. But it has also created a magnificent stage lit with trailblazing talent in music and dance, performance arts, event management, organization, DJ-ing, and more. Events like XP Music Futures cater to professionals looking for a way into the fastest-growing music industry in the world. And it also provides an enchanting experience by night with dance performances, musical sessions, and more. 
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