October 1, 2023


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‘He lives life to the fullest’


His wiggling sent them giggling.

A 9-year-outdated boy stole the present with some “hilarious” dance moves during a recent college overall performance.

3rd-grader Tripp Thomure was on stage with his Ralls County Elementary School course in Heart, Missouri, when he permit the new music just take command.

The elementary schoolers had been in the center of a choreographed track and dance program when they ended up permitted to freestyle and exhibit off their moves.

Lindsey Woodhurst, 30, captured the viral minute as her youthful son started writhing and gyrating his hips. She then shared his moves on TikTok with a caption that read through: “When your son breaks it down in front of the whole college.”

The crowd went wild and erupted in laughter as Tripp danced all-around carrying out “the sprinkler” and other priceless moves with a major glimpse on his confront.

Woodhurst identified the instant hysterical and stated the viral minute is incredibly telling of who her son is.

“He likes to exhibit off his dance moves! Tripp is so authentic and the online video definitely shows his persona,” she explained to South West News Support.

“He lives existence to the fullest.”

Little boy freestyle dancing during school performance
A 9-year-outdated boy stole the demonstrate when he broke out his “hilarious” initial dance moves during an elementary faculty overall performance.

A great deal to Thomure’s delight, the TikTok clip has gone viral with a lot more than 8 million views, around 550,000 likes and nearly 7,800 feedback. Newfound lovers praised the “adorable” tyke for his “hilarious” and “hysterical” choreography, his “confidence” and additional.

“He’s often preferred to be TikTok popular and now he’s going to get it carried out!” his mother shared. “So a lot of commenters have stated how amusing he is. Folks online have been encouraging him to just keep currently being himself.”

1 of those commenters was none other than 63-calendar year-old actor Kevin Bacon, who famously could not consist of his have explosive moves in the 1984 common dance film “Footloose.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, just some good moves,” Bacon famous on TikTok, introducing a thumbs-up emoji.


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