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Handblown and Fused Glass Seascapes I Blog I Boha Glass

Handblown and Fused Glass Seascapes I Blog I Boha Glass

Seascapes, and the magnificence of water in normal, have influenced humanity for millennia. Is there everyone who is not loaded with awe at the magnificence of the large oceans, seas and lakes of the globe? The gentle dripping of rainwater, the light circulation of streams to the crashing of ocean waves. Drinking water can be calming, exhilarating and even terrifying.

Unsurprisingly, seascape art is exceptionally well known. Artists have made use of all kinds of media to capture the alluring nature of the seas. No matter if it is a much off perspective of a shoreline or an in-depth glance at the movement of waves –  there is so substantially to delight in. 

Of system, paintings have usually been well-liked, and the massive vast majority of artists get the job done this way. Furthermore, glass artists are also impressed by the purity of h2o and have established breathtaking handblown and fused glass seascapes. Glass, like drinking water, is reflective and refractive. You can appear at each glass and water, as nicely as see by means of them. Therefore a lot of artists, glass is a great medium for developing sea-encouraged art glass.

Glass Artists and Fused Glass Seascapes

There are several glass artists manufacturing delightful sea and coastal-impressed glass artwork, in this article in the Uk and throughout the globe. Of program, we can only mention a handful of below, so underneath is a compact choice of exceptionally proficient United kingdom-centered glass artists who admire :

Dreya Bennet – Fused Glass Artist

Kiln Fused Glass Art

Dreya Bennet glass is influenced by the sea and its various moods to develop her alluring fused glass seascapes. Her get the job done captures the movement and dynamism of rolling and crashing waves. Her inspiration arrives from the Cornish coast the place she lives and functions

Dreya studied at Falmouth art college. For the duration of her studies, she fell in like with the appear and the approach of working with glass. 

“The color of glass, its reflections and translucent high quality instantly captured my heart. Glass has a comparable high quality to water. It is enigmatic, you can appear at it or via it. It is there and not there and can develop a potent visual impact, possibly opulent or subtle ” says Dreya. 

Jo Downs – Fused Glass Designer

Jo Downs is 1 of the world’s most respected fused glass designers. Working from her Cornwall studio, her work attracts inspiration from the lovely coastal landscape of her dwelling county. She captures the light-weight, colour and depth of Cornwall in her extremely stunning, handcrafted glasswork. She would make a variety of glass art which incorporates jewellery, glass bowls and wall panels etc. Her ‘Cornish Pilchards’ are the most recognised and in all probability most effective-liked of her models.

Roberta Mason – Handblown and Fused Glass Artist

It’s all about the sea for Roberta Mason. She is especially fascinated by the development of waves and the “language” of bubbles. Her perform also options the awesome world of bizarre and excellent maritime creatures. Roberta feels that the transparency and movement of hot glass captures a snapshot of existence in a way several resources can. Roberta’s Blue lagoon series is a wonderful case in point of her water-inspired glass artwork. An evocative piece with genuine depth and mesmerising features.

Thomas Petit – Handblown Glass Artist

Thomas Petit’s incredible and radiant, “Sea Shore” collection of handblown glass vases includes an “oceanic” structure. He was influenced by undulating waves and the rugged coastline of Sussex. The sandblasting creates an outcome similar to people Thomas to start with admired on pebbles observed near the shoreline of his hometown.