December 7, 2023


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Crank Dat Roy – New Dance Phenomenon From the South

Have you heard about crank dat roy yet? If you haven’t then you must be living under a rock. This new dance is not like one of those usual ‘crank dat’ songs that have been getting extreme popularity recently. This is a dance started out of Orangeburg, South Carolina.

A young guy named JQ is responsible for this new craze and now it is hitting radio airways everywhere. JQ has opened up shows for many hip hop as well as rhythm and blues artists and definitely has a promising future in the music business.

So what’s with the crank dat roy dance? Is it hard to do? Well when I personally gave it a try I found it to be much harder than it looks. The spinning, the stepping and various other routines in this dance are quite unique.

Just go to any social networking site like YouTube, MySpace or Facebook and you’re bound to see video footage of tons of teens and even a few adults doing this new dance. The elroy is getting a lot of play in South Carolina clubs and is even being played in places like Wisconsin.

Just to show you how up on things our teenagers are, I asked my son about ‘The Elroy’. Being the parent that I am I wondered if he knew the dance and the song. To my surprise he did and told me that it’s been around for a while now. He even knew the steps like a pro.