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Branding for Pottery | Vipoo Srivilasa | Episode 81


Vipoo Srivilasa | Episode 81

Vipoo Srivilasa photo by Dustin Trey

Vipoo Srivilasa DSC_4783A Thai born, Melbourne-dependent artist, curator and arts activist, Vipoo Srivilasa works predominantly in ceramics, discovering society shifts and migration ordeals. His perform is a playful blend of historic Figurative and Ornamental art practices with a nutritious dose of Up to date Society.


Vipoo Srivilasa Print, edition of 30, Image size 23x23cm, Sheet size 35x35 cmEmploying blue and white colour, he produces complicated narratives as a result of very embellished visuals utilized to the surfaces of ceramic kinds. His do the job necessitates an intimacy in which the vital aspects of the drama are generally uncovered in abnormal areas inside of the varieties on their own.

Vipoo has exhibited internationally and loves making opportunities for artists to collaborate by means of local community dependent artwork jobs. His function is held in different general public artwork collections like The National Gallery of Australia.


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Vipoo Srivilasa DSC_7817WHAT Habits DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR Lifetime TO Remain Inventive?

I meditate in the morning, 30 minutes every day, That can help a entire large amount. Next, I am addicted to Facebook and that aids my creativity and inspirations. If you are mates with the proper men and women they will submit fascinating content, artwork demonstrates and exhibitions they visit. At times you get a new notion just seeking at the feed.



Janet Mansfield. She motivated me to set persons jointly. She is the 1 who in fact confirmed me how connecting men and women together can carry a truly, really fantastic result. Mainly because of her, I am attempting to do the exact things she did.

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Vipoo Srivilasa DSC_7811WHAT IS THE Greatest Information YOU HAVE BEEN Given ABOUT CLAY?

The greatest way to prioritize your work is getting a list. A to-do record. To make it perform you just pick out the five priorities. Only five matters to do in a working day and get that finished. That will get your creation going definitely, truly great. I comply with that and it functions really very well. Usually I would have ten things to do in a day, but rather of that I pick out the most essential five.



I like it simply because it is a place wherever my strategies occur to daily life.

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Seven Days in the Artwork Environment by Sarah Thorton

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First of all, get a internet site. It is aggravating to check out and enable endorse people’s get the job done if they do not have a web site.

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Vipoo will be collaborating in a round desk dialogue at NCECA 2015 (http://

Vipoo Srivilasa represented in United states of america by Ferrin Modern (http://
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