November 29, 2023


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An Update

An Update

This is by way of an explanation of why my running a blog is now more infrequent. It follows on from my previously posts (see conclusion) about my serious osteoarthritis, ankle fusion operation and the demise this summer time of my mother.

Base line, I am now a Whole lot older than I was when I 1st began this blog site

Earlier this month I celebrated my 68th birthday – and I can no longer child myself that I am a spring hen even if my facial area and chin(!) have gone again to on the lookout like they did many years ago!
An outing for a birthday address at Kew for my birthday

I’m also acquiring to work extremely difficult at both equally:
  • exercise for recovery from my operation
  • trying to keep match to reduce (hopefully) the osteoarthritis in the two my hips from obtaining worse.
Consequently I’m now entirely committed to daily workout which include a stroll which requires fairly a little bit of time out of the day and can make me really feel somewhat drained when I get back property. 
For the uninitiated:
My frequent daily training now signifies that:
  • I can now carry my stick relatively than use it all the time. 
  • Plus stroll more than I’ve been able to do for a quite long time – so very long as I have regular sit down breaks!
  • AND I can now walk up and down slopes which I couldn’t do at all for a quite appreciable size of time after surgical treatment. I nevertheless have to keep away from sideways slopes which are unattainable with a rigid ankle!
But I even now need to have a adhere for uneven surfaces and for receiving up and down stairs.
Going for walks down a steep slope – slowly – at Kew!
However I continue to suffer from currently being Pretty rigid at instances and knowledge significant harmony challenges when at residence. It truly is quite odd – strolling now will make me come to feel regular, while I in some cases wrestle to walk at residence immediately after finding up from a seat!
Often I can combine physical exercise with traveling to artwork exhibitions – and I be expecting to be accomplishing additional of this more than the winter season as the weather gets even worse. The pleasant thing about art galleries is they have seats!
Base line while – I’ve received considerably much less time for blogging.
It truly is a great willpower however as it helps make me consider which is also excellent work out for the mind – so I will not be providing up. 
However the lowered fee of blogging is probable to proceed for the foreseeable long run
Generally because there’s no opportunity of my extreme osteoarthritis heading absent. But also mainly because I want to get fit for and then recuperate from my subsequent surgical treatment – which is a shoulder alternative (which I have wanted for the final 2 years!)
I now need to have to work out how I’m likely to blog though I expend six weeks with my arm in a sling and then a have full bunch of new workouts to understand and do all through restoration! 
I am wondering whether I should really begin performing movies or podcasts and speaking the terms somewhat than producing them! Anybody with any suggestions – I might appreciate to listen to from you. (see make contact with me)

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