June 6, 2023


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Allan Molho on Keeping the Memory of Robert Janz Alive


In late slide, the fiercely independent and creative multimedia artist Robert Janz died at the age of 88. Since relocating to Tribeca quite a few a long time in the past, he had transformed his neighboring streets into an unconventional open air gallery. Intent on enriching our awareness and appreciation of the ephemeral with his artworks and poems, he quietly raged towards consumerism, greed, egotism and human defilement of the environment.

Previously this 12 months, photographer and artist Allan Molho graced Duane Road — just several measures from wherever Robert Janz experienced lived — with the installation pictured above in his honor. What follows is an job interview with Allan, along with pics of Robert Janz‘s operate that Allan Molho had captured.

When did you initial experience Robert Janz‘s distinctive aesthetic in a community area?

Back in 2011, I found photographs of mountains and birds over advertisements on a construction website.

What to begin with captivated you to Janz‘s operate?

I was attracted to its subversive character. I liked that Janz was not providing a merchandise. There was almost nothing business about his operate. It was pure conversation. In addition to ripping up adverts to repurpose them as flowers or birds, he also remaining poems on  partitions.

You have been of course inspired by him.

Certainly, he certainly influenced me He experienced a serene belief in his perform and in his creativeness. And as an artist, I know how crucial this is. I’m also inspired by his solve to continue obtaining his message out in community spaces until eventually his late 80’s.

What spurred you to photograph Janz‘s function throughout the previous ten years?

I preferred to share it with other individuals. Janz was a good artist, and his strategies are vital. He was unique in many techniques.

And what impressed you to install this memorial to him on Duane Avenue?

Due to the fact of the ephemeral character of Janz‘s general public artwork in this neighborhood, I want to continue to keep his memory alive. It is important that he be remembered.

Have you crafted any other public installations that pay out tribute to others?

Yes. Amid those people whom I have honored in general public spaces are: Michael Stewart, Timothy Caughman and Covid 19 doctors.

Note: Be absolutely sure to examine out Allan Molho‘s site — www.memorialsnewyork.com, — for an ongoing documentation of  NYC memorials, tributes and commemorations.

Pics: 1 Lois Stavsky 2-6 Allan Molho


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