February 27, 2024


masterpiece of human

50 years later, local music store still lets us dream


For young children like us, it was a magical location. A put you could go on a Saturday morning and renovate into a person else, Stevie Marvel, Paul McCartney, Buddy Wealthy. When you desire of songs, obtaining to enjoy an instrument is the 1st rung on your fantasy ladder. And in this place, you could enjoy to your heart’s material.

Any wannbe rock star understands what I’m conversing about.

The new music keep. An countless line of gleaming guitars. A wall of amplifiers, like excess fat sentinels with screens for chests. The keyboards, 1 immediately after one more, smiling at you with their white and black tooth. And the drum sets. Oh, the drum sets! It’s possible if you just sit down, commence tapping flippantly, see if any one notices, then it’s possible a little more difficult, then tap the cymbals, and your foot, there it goes on the higher hat or the bass pedal, and lookie below! You are holding a beat!


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